Monday, October 14, 2013

Session 3: Of Knowledge and Division

Quiz Day!

Feeling the nervousness once again, and having unpleasant memories of math tests. But...wait...

Dr Yeap explaining the process and meaning of the problems to us, e.g. where we went wrong etc while trying to solve the problems was really helpful to us! 

Procedural knowledge VS Conceptual Knowledge

Procedural knowledge - knowing what to do
Conceptual knowledge - understand why you are doing what you do

Enrichment VS Acceleration

Generally, Singapore does everything in acceleration. Even though it is known as "enrichment". Sound familiar? Teaching lessons ahead of time and children knowing more and more formulas but not fully understanding them = acceleration!

Enrichment is all about building up from what the child knows. For e.g., from concrete to pictorial(cubes to drawing), exploring possibilities(adding a new shape or colour) and looking for repetitive patterns in the environment (floor tiles, wall patterns etc.)

Qn: Why don't they ever do that for major exams? 
I think that would really help you improve if you know where you went wrong, and help you to be confident in understanding the process to solve the problem! Especially a math one!

A video on simple dividing...

And another on dividing a rectangle in threes...

Time to solve a problem!
Qn: How can you divide a piece of chocolate equally among 4 persons?

Some possible methods:

Sharing of ideas...

Ready for some yummy chocolate? :)

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