Monday, October 14, 2013

A Trip to the Museum (Group) and Fun with Tangrams

Trip to SAM (Singapore Art Museum)

Parts of the museum were under renovation but we enjoyed out visit there appreciating and discussing what each art piece meant. Some were profound with cartoon characters and depictions and symbols such as people wearing masks etc. Michelle and I were struck by a piece which showed two men wearing masks, and holding symbols, in an attempted handshake. It really shows how distrust and backstabbing can take effect on two people, who may seem pleasant on the outside. We saw a few pieces that showed unity and the Singapore spirit amongst different groups, and got down to choosing our art piece for our assignment.

Back to class and this!

Making Squares using Tangrams:

How many pieces are you able to fit into a square?

A little video to show you how...

And fun with more shapes....

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